Key Moments


Drop the Masks

So often we hide the “real me” behind masks.  We put up fronts of being strong, confident and secure, when we are really weak, afraid and very insecure.  We don’t want others to know what’s truly going on inside because we are afraid of what...
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In the Storm

On July 25th, 2015 my life was interrupted suddenly when my husband called from an ambulance saying he had been in a motorcycle accident.  He assured me he was okay and it was just “road rash”, but upon getting to the emergency room, we found out...
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Overcoming the Beauty Lies

The culture today tries to define what our identity should be.  Beauty is defined by society as being stick-thin, air-brushed, perfect skin complexion, toned muscles and trending with the latest fashions. We see movie stars, athletes, musicians and others...
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The Search for Significance

I sat astonished in the midst of a deafening crowd of 15,000 screaming fans as one solo artist took the stage and mesmerized them for 120 minutes. Her music, sense of style and ability to perform lured you into an experience she created for each and every...
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Moms Stay Engaged!

The other night I was about to go for an evening walk alone. These days as I deal with my husband’s injuries, a walk is a luxury and sometimes even a necessity to stay sane. But as I was heading out the door, my boys asked if they could to come along....
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In the Storm

I apologize for my lack of blogging the past 5 weeks. On July 25th, life changed quickly when my husband called from an ambulance saying he had been in a motorcycle accident. He assured me he was okay and it was just “road rash”, but upon getting...
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Helping Others Dream Again

Have you ever had a person truly believe in you and make a difference in your life? Maybe they cheered you on during a season of depression or hardship. Maybe they inspired you to go after a dream when you felt like you just didn’t have it in you or...
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A Limited Perspective

Last week I had the amazing privilege to attend the Vineyard Church’s Global Conference at the Vineyard Columbus Church in Westerville, Ohio. Amidst 4,000 attendees, I stood feeling like a very small “white woman” with a very limited perspective...
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Trust without Borders

There’s a newer worship song out called Oceans by Bethel Music that I listen to quite often.  There is an anointing on the entire song, but the bridge in particular is my favorite.  The lyrics of the bridge speak to me deeply every time I listen to...
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Pure Delight: The Passions and Dreams of Your Heart

An Interview of mine with Sisters United in Verse. Last month I had the privilege to be interviewed by a new found friend and kindred spirit – Sonya Caldwell of Sisters United in Verse located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Sister’s United in...
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